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Jules noted

(Translated by Google) Very good (Original) Très bon

Shuqi LI noted

(Translated by Google) You can tell the boss what flavor you want for the Guobao Pork, otherwise the default is the old-fashioned sweet and sour one (the one with a heavier sour taste). The grilled chicken wings are the root of the wings + the tips of the wings, and the portion is huge. The Braised Pork Noodles are a big pot, the meat has a standard braised pork flavor, and the Noodles can be used as a staple food. The stir-fried vegetables and stir-fried squid are average. You can reserve a private room in advance, there is a KTV, and there are low consumption. The decoration style of the store is quite northeastern, and the patterns on the tables make people feel like they are celebrating the Chinese New Year. (Original) 锅包肉想要什么口味可以跟老板说,不然默认是老式的酸甜口(酸味偏重的那种)。烤鸡翅是翅根+翅尖,量很大。红烧肉宽粉是一大锅,肉是标准的红烧肉风味,宽粉可以当主食了。炒杂菜和干煸鱿鱼须中规中矩。可以提前预约包厢,有KTV,存在低消。店面装修风格挺东北的,桌子上的图案让人感觉过年了

Marion Thoilliez noted

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